Service Commitment

Having served the industry since 1932, we have established a professional crew that takes charge from sales, marketing, maintenance, logistics to customer service. With our attentive solutions tailored to your needs, you would gain your industrial advantage to the fullest in terms of operation, sales & marketing.

Sales Team Professional

To be your trusted business partner, each of our sales team members is professionally trained. Our sales team stays abreast of our customers’ needs and regularly provides ancillary services, such as product education, equipment knowledge update, and customer training on serving, brewing and preparation techniques, to ensure an optimized end user experience.

Marketing Team Excellence

Our marketing team is primarily responsible to plan and execute marketing strategies, including product management, product development, market research, corporate relations and marketing communications activities, such as directing advertising agencies in the production of media advertising planning, coordinating sales promotions and organizing exhibitions.

Maintenance Services

To ensure the proposed solutions have the desired effect, our sales and marketing team would arrange for the provision and maintenance of coffee machines as needed. We have also established a customer service center that provides after sales support, including a 24-hour assistance on repair and maintenance of coffee machines.

Customer Service Team Commitment

We value consumer feedback as they form the foundation for our continuous improvement. We maintain consumer service hotlines for consumer inquiries, feedback and complaints. Based on the information collected by our customer services division, the relevant departments are notified about any reported product defects and carry out remedial measures as necessary.

Logistics Team Capabilites

With our experience serving the catering industry, we understand the importance of efficient delivery. Our well-established logistics system with a delivery capability of within 24 hours for a wide-range of customers in Hong Kong helps us ensure delivery of quality assured products in a timely manner, and along the way, develop a stable and diverse customer base.