Supply Chain

Business Philosophies

We have adopted an internationally renowned business operation system to manage the supply chain of the products from suppliers to customers. As we are able to monitor the inventory movement and sales data in an effective and systematic manner, we can make appropriate operational adjustments in response to market conditions and customer needs and forecast future demands more accurately.

Research and
Development Centre

  • Under supervision of coffee and tea masters with re-
    markable marketing sense
  • Innovating unique flavors with rich texture

To achieve optimal color, aroma and flavor, our coffee and tea masters are
blending customized new tastes for our valued customers


  • We have a stable sourcing network that includes many globally renowned major suppliers with whom we have over ten years of relationship.

A cup of quality coffee or tea starts from its ingredients. Tsit Wing Group searches for the quality raw materials from different continents across various climate zones

Production Line

  • Installation of the fully automated production line
  • Equipped with green/roasted beans blending machines, providing a wide array of flavors
  • Instant storage of the production data for analysis, ensuring consistent quality production

We installed a computerized coffee processing line with automated system, which allows us to increase our production efficiency.

Quality Control

  • Equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and conduct regular scientific tests
  • Online monitoring throughout the production process to ensure the products are up to standard
  • Accredited with HACCP, ISO 14001 and FSSC22000

The quality control staff is conducting random check on the roasted coffee beans to assess if the roasting level is up to standard.


  • In-house as well as outsourced logistics partners with distribution network covering different provinces and cities in China
  • Introducing ERP SAP resources system management to ensure unobstructed logistics under accurate data

Pre-delivery check and recording by the distribution staff.

Customer Service

  • Established a customer service center that provides after sales support, including a 24-hour assistance on repair and maintenance of coffee machines.
  • Our sales team stays abreast of our customers’ needs and regularly provides ancillary services, such as product education, equipment knowledge update, and customer training on serving, brewing and preparation techniques, to ensure an optimized end user experience.

Along with the expanding business, we are committed to bringing sincere service to our customers.


  • 24/7 support from our dedicated team
  • Comprehensive after-sale service and regular maintenance check

We care about our after-sales service. Therefore, we have a professional maintenance team to provide speedy and effective after-sales service and technical support.