The Story of Coffee


The appreciation of good quality tasting coffee has become a part of everyday life, as coffee-drinkers demand an increasing knowledge on the origins and the levels of sophistication from the coffee they consume. Take to heart the information below and become a coffee expert!

Two Major types of Coffee

Arabica and Robusta are the two main types of coffee beans

Ideal cultivation climate 15-24 ºC 24-30 ºC
Shape of bean Flat Oval
Caffeine content of beans 0.8-1.4% 1.7-4.0%
Countries of origin Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico Indonesia, Vietnam

The Discovery of coffee

In 850 A.D., an Ethiopian herdsman named Kaldi observed his goat, chewing on the red berries and let out an exuberant “Baaaaaaahhh!“ in an exciting mood. The coffee berry was discovered! Kaldi sampled the berries himself. A feeling of elation consumed him. He ran to the nearest monastery, telling of their miraculous effect. Yet, the monastery condemned the berries as the Devil’s work and promptly threw them into the fire. But soon after, the smell of fresh roasted coffee came out, enticing the monks. After the chief monk dozed off, due to the lack of caffeine mind you, a young rebellious monk snatched the cooling beans from the fire pit. This innovator, the world’s first barista, mixed the beans with water and the resulting brew kept the monks up all night thanking their creator.

Coffee Growing Regions

Central and South America is the region that boast of where the finest coffee beans are grown, with the coffee taste being mellow, vibrant and well-balanced, with a subtle hint of fruity sophistication. Nearly all top-quality blends will use coffee beans from Latin America.
Coffee beans growing countries from this region include: Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama.…

Most African coffee have intense aroma, distinctive fruity characteristics, and the lightest mouth feel among all.
Coffee beans grown in Africa are the most aromatic, light-tasting and possess a distinct fruitiness. Countries from this region include: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola and South Africa ….

Coffee beans grown in Asia are full-bodied, richly fragrant with low acidity, with coffee tastes reflecting the natural environment.
Coffee bean growing countries of the region include: Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines …

The above is just a basic outline of taste profiles from the different regions, deeper familiarity and in-depth tasting of each individual coffee growth region will reveal obvious differences and unique flavours.


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