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NH Foods

NH Foods which is the largest meat manufacturer in Japan. Being the 4th best world meat manufacturer (as of 2016), NH Foods owns a factory in Japan and set up factories in China, Taiwan, Thailand as well as Vietnam.

NH Fried Potato Stick
NH Cheese & Beef Steak Burger (Onion Flavor)
NH Stuffed Wing with Glutinous Rice
NH Stuffed Wing with Cream Cheese & Mushroom
NH Spicy Chicken Popcorn
NH Chicken Meat Ring
Original Pork Cutlet
Ham Steak Skewer


Your fast, Convenient and Quality Food

Our house brand Papa Chef can serve to different sales channels which are perfect for A la carte or match with other snacks, rice or noodles. Regardless of cooking technique, it takes only few minutes to serve your customers in an easy way.

Sauced Beef Offal
Hash Brown with Corn
Hash Brown with Curry
Hash Brown with Purple Sweet Potato
Deep-fried Fish
Squid and Prawn Twister
Scallop and Prawn Twister
Sugar Cane Prawn


Healthy and High Quality Life Originate

Betagro is one of the largest domestic suppliers and exporters for Pork and Chicken in Thailand. All chicken and pork are vegetable feed and monitored by its own breeding and feeding farm. Ingredients are adopted from original to provide best quality of food.

Yaki Chicken Mid Wing (Buffalo Style)
Roasted Chicken Mid Wing with Asparagus
Roasted Chicken Mid Wing with Pinapple
Spicy Fried Chicken Tulip
Black Pepper & Garlic Wing Stick
Roasted Panang Tulip